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New Charging Station Design At last, a solution to the tangle of messy wires that those chargers for cellphones, laptops, iPods and cameras inevitably trail behind them. The floating charging station is a stylishly designed floating drawer that has a wire manager inside the drawer with a neat row of slots that hold the wires of all your gadgets in place while they are charging. Close the drawer and you have a contemporary piece of furniture. Open it and easily remove the gadget or its charger when you need to take it with you.

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To get a price, simply start by choosing your finish
A charging station that will carry heavy weights requires two important components:
1. A strong charging station:
  The sturdy wooden charging stations are supplied with an engineer-designed steel bracket and wall fasteners to ensure the maximum weight carrying ability.
2. Strong wall:
a. Brick or cement block walls: Most walls that are less than 60 years old are strong enough. The unit is fixed with special fisher fasteners.
b. Timber walls: Fitting the unit is done with supplied wood screws with washers.
c. Drywalls: Fitting is done with special supplied toggle fixings.

gloss white 1
satin white & white
satin black & black
gloss black & walnut
gloss black & tropical olive
gloss white & african mahogany
gloss white & oak
gloss white & tropical olive
All veneers finished in two coats of clear satin lacquer. Please note that due to wood being a natural product the colour and grain may vary.
Ideal surface to fix to:
• Brick, cement block or concrete wall
• Timber wall
• Drywall

Installation is as easy as 1,2,3
1. Mark the wall
2. Drill holes
3. Fix unit to the wall
You are now ready to start using your charging station
In your package, you get
1. Pre-assembled, ready to install charging station
2. Wall fixings
3. Detailed installation manual

Brick, cement block
or concrete wall


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You need
1. Brick, cement block or concrete wall
  1. Hammer drill with 10mm masonry bit
  2. Spirit level
  3. 13mm spanner or shifting spanner
  4. Philips screwdriver
  5. Multiplug of your choice, maximum length 50cm
  6. Someone to help you
2. Timber wall
  1. Spirit level
  2. Drill with 3mm drillbit
  3. Philips screwdriver
  4. Multiplug of your choice, maximum length 50cm
  5. Someone to help you
3. Drywall
  1. Drill with 16mm flat wood bit
  2. Spirit level
  3. Philips screwdriver
  4. Flat screwdriver
  5. Multiplug of your choice, maximum length 50cm
  6. Someone to help you

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