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Floating TV units

Floating TV units for a stylish display of your TV and electronics with cables hidden out of sight. The unit has been designed to accommodate most modern audio visual equipment. Floating TV units can be used on its own or with floating tv panels to hide unsightly brackets and wires.

To make sure that your equipment fits inside, compare your measurements with the measurements of the internal space per flap in brackets next to the external measurement. Remember to leave at least 20mm on the top of your electronic components to ensure proper ventilation.

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A tv unit that will carry heavy weights requires two important components:
1. A strong tv unit:
  The sturdy wooden tv units are supplied with an engineer-designed steel bracket and wall fasteners to ensure the maximum weight carrying ability.
2. Strong wall:
a. Brick or cement block walls: Most walls that are less than 60 years old are strong enough.
b. Timber walls generally work very well. Instead of the supplied plastic wall plugs, we recommend using wood screws with washers (not included in package).
c. Fitting a floating tv unit on a drywall can be done with special Fischer toggle or board fixings (not included in package). Unfortunately it is not strong enough to take very heavy weights.
Ideal surface to fix to:
• Plastered brick, cement brick and cement block wall
• Skimmed brick, cement brick and cement block wall
• Timber wall
• Bagged brick wall (If fixed onto flat even surface)
(Not suitable for old soft clay bricks)

Installation is as easy as 1,2,3,4
1. Drill holes
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2. Bolt bracket to wall
3. Adjust level
4. Fit shelf
In your package, you get
1. Pre-assembled, ready to install TV unit
2. Metal bracket
3. Timber shell
4. Plastic wall plugs with bolts and washers
5. Installation guideline

You need
1. Hammer drill with 10mm masonry bit
2. Spirit level
3. Shifting spanner or 13mm spanner
4. Screwdriver
5. Someone to help you

Wiring your unit

All the compartments are interlinked at the back to allow wires to run between electronic components. A gap at the bottom that runs the length of the unit allows external wires to be fed in from underneath.

Your television on top of the unit can be wired to your electronic components inside the unit through a standard wire groove. Refer to the pics right. The wire groove is on the top surface, in the center at the back against the wall. We can move the wire groove to any position on the top surface at the back if we receive instruction on placement of order.

Tv, tv bracket and props not included.
Tv, tv bracket and props not included.
Tv, tv bracket and props not included.
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